In order to describe the characteristics of ballet that are appropriate, we must be clear about what stands out in it, from the costumes to the movements carried out, which are usually symmetrical, the position of the feet in most cases they fulfill a function of great importance. .

Classical ballet positions

The steps and positions are predominant, these are usually called positions to stand out, the term used in ballet in position number one; the feet are held together, the heels are joined, moving the feet outwards, trying to form a horizontal line.

There are also other positions such as number two in which similar to the first position, but with more separated legs, they achieve that the spaces between them are similar to the length of the feet, in the third position the heel of the foot is placed in the central part of the other.

Arm positions in classical ballet

All these positions give it the characteristic touch that classical ballet has, but in the same way, the combinations with the arms are revealed, making the dancer perform positions such as: the position in which the arms tend to be placed downwards in oval shape.

Another characteristic is when the arms are extended spaciously forming a straight line using the shoulders and slightly in the form of a curve, in the fourth position the arms are curved forward and upwards with curved figures.

In the last position the arms are characterized by making a kind of oval figure with a natural movement which shows a degree of ease in the execution and synchronizing with it the feet joining them in a straight way in this way we can appreciate the aspects that stand out from classical ballet.

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