Ballet For Adults Classes. The headquarters of the ballet for adults between ages 18 and up can be found in New York, which can be distinguished by its various musical shows and different theatrical works.

Programs aimed at adults offer them the opportunity to learn ballet and at the same time the English language, the student being able to inquire into different aspects of classical dance, as well as modern dance.

Ballet for adults dance and English New York

The adult ballet program is taught at the Step of Broadway school. Which offers more than 50 classes every day and a great variety of levels providing a number of styles and technicalities.

The ballet program for adults lasts between one to five hours, being taught constantly during the week, between the slopes that are practiced is the so-called open-Street ballet (hip-hop).

Requirements to participate in adult ballet

Among the requirements to enter ballet for adults are to have a certain level of the English language at least intermediate. Which will help to understand performance directions in ballet.

It is not so necessary to have a vast understanding of adult ballet and techniques or to have advance understanding of ballet as the dance and English program is taught at many levels.

Benefits of performing ballet for adults in Miami

Among the main benefit is being able to take English classes, this is the advantage of being in a ballet school for adults that it offers programs such as:

The semi-boarding school, which consists of around sixteen classes of fifty minutes each week, as well as the so-called intensive English that usually lasts about fifty minutes, which helps to reinforce what the letter is, the expressions in English.

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