The ballet school in Miami is supported by the representation of the royal academy of dance, based in London, England, is the institution of testing and production of increasingly illustrious ballet teachers on the planet and specializes in more than 84 countries.

The corresponding ballet levels continue with the same ages as the levels of the state academies. The service of our ballet school in Miami can guide them to choose the right subject for a disciple learning ballet at a very young age.

Ages: 6-7 years

This classroom of the ballet school in Miami is designed for apprentices, children from 6 to 7 years old. The inmates will march on expanding material morality and combination. Zigzag and motor skills, melodic smell and accent, creativity and tranquility. The apprentices march practicing ballet terms and body preparation.

The conditions are met once during 1 period of time. A bonus is promised if the Miami ballet school trainee attends subjects twice per term. The dress symbol: espadín dance clothing is requested, which is available in the MFAA retail cooperative where you will find all the essential accessories.

Ages: 7-9 years

At Miami Ballet School we create an environment for an orderly conservative dance world for young people ages 7-9. Learners will continue to increase body awareness and coherence, elasticity and motor skills, rhythmic understanding and symphony, creativity and conviction.

In this category, the disciples are implanted to the ballet bars. The disciples at the Miami ballet school of this segmentation are jealously evaluated. By epoch, mechanical strength and progress, the disciples are promoted of consent with their own improvement in obtaining practice and power according to the Miami school.

The disciplines are taught once a week for 1 period. Dance plan classes are observed two shifts per period and a discount is given when students participate in subjects two cycles at a time. Dance dress code at Miami Ballet School: Uniform dance attire is required and usable at the retail store.

Ages: 8-10 years

This subject is traced in practice to a variety of conservative role thanks to the Miami Ballet School setting it up for 8-10 year olds. Learners will persist in opening material cognition and coordination, flexibility and motor strategies, affectivity and musical beat, creativity and hope.

The disciples will apply their received knowledge to the traditional ballet inventory of the Miami ballet school. The dance compositions are even more extensive and comprehensive.

Listeners to this section are methodically assessed for age, acoustic strength, and development. Students are driven to a commitment to intimate development in pursuit of practice and potency.

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