Difference between ballet and dance. The differences between dance and ballet are conceived from the point of view that dance is a dance that uses music or a kind of artistic manifestation, in the case of ballet it is a dance but that follows certain arguments in presentations staged.

Origins of dance and ballet

Dance has its origins in dance groups of contemporary times which were looking for a moment of entertainment, dance was changing and came to be classified as: modern dance or contemporary dance and classical dance, achieving innovation in them.

The origin of ballet dates back to the fourteenth century in France, developing as a dance that used certain schemes related or intertwined with the time and that used a lot of pantomime-like scenic development in its actions.

In the case of ballet, a large number of people are brought together to develop a musical work but danced using a great harmony and synchronization of the scenographic type, with a whole cast of dancers and the start-up of the orchestra with classical music.

What is dance used for?

Dance is a way of expression through which it is possible to transmit feelings, emotions, all this will depend on the dance class, an example of this is classical dance, which is known as ballet that focuses on transmitting beauty and a kind of harmonization in the narration that takes place.

The steps performed in classical ballet as well as in dance are coded in such a way that the synchronization that is performed is displayed in an elegant way; in the act, in this way they evoke a past situation and manage to entertain an audience, although it could be cultured from different social strata.

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