Ballet and ballet school benefit children physically and psychologically. It teaches them to position the posture, develop the physical conditions, the musicality and the discipline that learning this art needs. Our students learn motivation, perseverance and perseverance. It teaches them to work independently and as part of a team. They also learn the importance of their own strengths and commitments.

It requires concentration to control the movement of the body, as it strengthens the muscles, develops flexibility, coordination and musicality of the dance. Through ballet, we can express our feelings and emotions, reduce stress, and channel adrenaline, keeping children in vigorous physical activity. It can even reduce a child’s addiction to electronic games. In our enriched environment, ballet is an excellent tool for overcoming shyness and building new relationships. All of these qualities acquired in our classes, presentations and performances benefit all students in everyday life and their future.

Conditioning, Stretching and Acrobatics:

Physical preparation is the part of training, which seeks to put a dancer in the best possible state to put in shape. System of exercises that lead to the development of flexibility, strength and endurance. Optimizing their natural aptitudes and developing their physical qualities to the maximum, through systematic, gradual and progressive exercises.
Among the functions that the General Physical preparation fulfills we have: To develop, consolidate or reestablish the physical bases that guarantee the execution of special and competitive exercises.

Contemporary dance:

It is a fusion of different styles whose base is found in classical ballet, but free from the discipline of this style. On the contrary, it is characterized by total freedom of movement and body expression. One of the best characteristics of contemporary dance is that it is suitable for people of any age. It can be adapted according to the technical level, physical abilities or age of the students.

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