Artistic Director
First Dancer of the National Ballet of Cuba

Alihaydée Carreño, with more than 25 years of experience as a dancer and as a leading figure of the Cuban National Ballet (see her curriculum in the section above) is the founder of “Alihaydée Carreño Ballet School”. Founded in August 2019, this school, dedicated to the art of dance, aims to enrich the lives of its students and to develop their technical and artistic aspirations.

Our method is based on the principles established by Fernando Alonso and Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso, founders of the Cuban School of Ballet, which is recognized as one of the most important in the world. Due to her talent and successful career, professional ballet companies constantly request Alihaydée Carreño for the preparation of their dancers before appearing in international competitions and auditions. But at the moment, Mrs. Carreño’s favorite work is to transmit to children and young adults her love for classical ballet, imparting technical principles as an essential basis for their development in any of the artistic expressions, whether in classical or contemporary dance.

Alihaydée Carreño Ballet School specializes in the training of children and young adults who love dance and ballet, as a profession, and also for those who want to take classes as exercise, appreciation of ballet or because of their love of dance. Our purpose is to educate, train and produce excellent dancers capable of performing classical and contemporary ballet at the highest level so that, if they so desire, they can join major ballet companies around the world.


She began her dance training at the age of ten.