Let their passions run wild on the dance floor!

Variety of Dance Styles

From hip-hop to modern, contemporary, lyrical, technical (turns and jumps), conditioning and acrobatics, hip-hop, pointe, jazz and jazz funk.

Creative Energy Release

In our classes, there are no limits to your creativity. We provide a space where you can express yourself freely, channeling your emotions and feelings through the art of dance.

Development of Motor and Coordination Skills

In addition to fun and creativity, dance also promotes motor development and coordination. As they perfect their movements, they are also strengthening their ability to coordinate body and mind.

  • Variety of dance styles: hip-hop, modern dance, contemporary, lyrical, technique (turns & jumps), conditioning & acro, hip hop, pointe, jazz & jazz funk.
  • Release their creative energy.
  • Development of their motor and coordination skills.
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